Learn from Australia’s leading ceramic artists in your own studio.

Learn from the best with Australian Ceramics Online Masterclasses! In 12 specialist masterclasses, established Australian potters and ceramic artists teach you new studio methods and practical techniques.

Our instructors give you in-depth lessons covering their unique processes and they don’t hold back on any of their secrets! Filmed in the artist’s studios, you are given rare insight into their techniques. Each masterclass is made up of three approximately 30-minute lessons, each with downloadable instruction sheets and a project to work on at your own pace.

Australian Ceramics Online Masterclasses are available as Open Access. This means that you can sign up for the masterclass at any time and access the course material at your own pace. All of the course material is available to you as soon as you sign up.

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Series 3

Crafting Wares for the Table with Sophie Moran

Sophie Moran Crafting Wares for the Table

In this masterclass Sophie Moran demonstrates how she develops individual pieces within tableware collections. Ideas about approaching new work are delved into and Sophie discusses in detail the qualities that are important in creating functional ceramics. Topics covered will include clay preparation, throwing and turning and techniques that aid repetition of forms. Sophie discusses her own creative philosophy.

Watch a preview of the masterclass HERE.


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Flamboyant Form, Opulent Surface with David Ray

David Ray Flamboyant Form, Opulent Surface

In this masterclass David Ray demonstrates how he conceptualises his hand building from cut up forms which are derived from architecture, 18th Century European ceramics, and every day musing. Beginning by designing on paper, techniques of hand building construction and complex deconstruction will be used to realise a unique individual ceramic form. Glazing, decorating and simple application of decals and enamels is also covered.

Watch a preview of the masterclass HERE.


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Porcelain Jewellery – Colour, Pattern & Gold with Ruby Pilven

Ruby Pilven Porcelain Jewellery – Colour, Pattern & Gold

In this masterclass Ruby Pilven demonstrates how to colour porcelain, handbuild a variety of different jewellery forms and finish them off with glazing and lustre details. She will guide you through the dos and don’ts of porcelain jewellery, showing you simple and effective jewellery making techniques. Pattern making will be explored in detail, refining surfaces and completing the pieces with findings will give you all the tools you need to make your own skillful porcelain jewellery.

Watch a preview of the masterclass HERE.


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Talking Kilns and Firing with Pie Bolton

Pie Bolton Talking Kilns and Firing

In this masterclass Pie Bolton covers the fundamentals of kilns and firing. Pie gives a detailed guided tour of kiln parts, and discusses kiln choice, accessories, loading and unloading, heatwork and more. Common pitfalls and firing tips will be revealed. While this masterclass is perfect for beginners, ceramicists of all levels will find it informative. Whether you have your own kiln already or are thinking about purchasing one, this masterclass will provide you with the language and confidence to navigate your kiln journey.

Watch a preview of the masterclass HERE.


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Series 2

Bringing Creatures to Life with Alison Smiles

Alison Smiles Bringing Creatures to Life

In this masterclass, Alison Smiles shares her methods for making whimsical figurative forms at the wheel. She will demonstrate how to alter these forms to expose the underlying personality of the creatures hidden within the clay. Bring a sense of play to your creations and watch the wildlife emerge! Watch a preview HERE.


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Make a Handbuilt Hexagon Teapot with Jeff Mincham

Jeff Mincham Make a Handbuilt Hexagon Teapot

In this masterclass, Jeff Mincham demonstrates the making of a handbuilt hexagon teapot from clay slabs. Learn how to make the basic form, and how to make and assemble a spout, lid and handle. Jeff will then demonstrate finishing, glazing and decorating, with emphasis on how this can be varied to suit a personal statement. Watch a preview HERE.


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Scratching the Surface: Sgraffito and Image Making with Gerry Wedd

Gerry Wedd Scratching the Surface: Sgraffito and Image Making

In this masterclass, Gerry Wedd will demonstrate how to make simple handbuilt forms and apply imagery using sgraffito techniques using the simplest of tools. Gerry will show you how to decorate a form and discuss the whys and hows of his approach to making pots and decorating them. The techniques can be applied to simple decoration or high-level image making. Watch a preview HERE.


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The Intimate Object: How to Make a Cup with Philip Hart

Philip Hart The Intimate Object: How to Make a Cup

In this masterclass, Philip Hart demonstrates the simple complexity of wheel-throwing, trimming and assembling a cup. The humble cup is the most used and useful object made by the potter. Haptic exploration of its surface and form are constant. Fondled and cradled, its proportions and qualities are continuously reviewed, critiqued and analysed. Watch a preview HERE.


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Series 1

Handbuilding Large Forms with Avital Sheffer

Avital Sheffer Handbuilding Large Forms

In this masterclass Avital Sheffer demonstrates how to make a prototype for handbuilding a family of forms. Avital guides you through how to make a mould for repetitive use. She demonstrates how to finish the form in a variety of ways from the prototype base. Avital talks in detail about construction techniques and composition. Watch a preview HERE and HERE.


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Sophisticated Surfaces with Shannon Garson

Shannon Garson Sophisticated Surfaces

In this masterclass Shannon Garson demonstrates how to make colours using a variety of materials. She talks about colour and surface decorating effects, in the context of firing. Shannon guides you through scraffito and shellac resist decoration techniques. Appropriate tools, brushes, handling greenware and studio safety are also discussed. In the final lesson, layering and combining the different techniques is shown, and Shannon discusses how to consider the whole ceramic object. Watch a preview HERE.


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Terra Sigillata Bonanza with Pru Morrison

Pru Morrison Terra Sigillata Bonanza

In this masterclass Pru Morrison guides you through how to make coloured terra sigillata from scratch. Pru talks about technical details, methods of applying colour, and ways to combine colour for different effects. Pru demonstrates her sgraffito methods in detail. Watch a preview HERE.


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Whimsical Handbuilt Creatures with Clairy Laurence

Clairy Laurence Whimsical Handbuilt Creatures

In this masterclass Clairy Laurence guides you through the technical steps to construct a detailed figure. Clairy demonstrates joining and blending techniques, and how to use tools for support. She shows how to make a head and face in detail, including shape, proportions, pinching and clay additions. Clairy also demonstrates finishing methods and discusses glazing and colour. Watch a preview HERE.


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