The New Ceramics: Firing Kilns by Benedict Brierley

The New Ceramics: Firing Kilns by Benedict Brierley

The range of extraordinary effects that can be achieved in a kiln is infinite. However, the technical requirements of different firing processes and equipment can often seem intimidating, particularly for those new to ceramics, and this can limit artists’ confidence to explore and experiment.

In Firing Kilns, woodfire potter Benedict Brierley demystifies the firing process, explaining key methods and effects in simple, straightforward language. Beginning with the basic principles, including heatwork, firing schedules and cones, the book goes on to cover the various types of kilns and kiln packing, oxidation and reduction firing, and then special firing methods such as salt, soda, wood, pit, smoke and raku. Finally, it covers common firing faults and how these can be avoided to achieve consistent, successful results.

Firing Kilns is a comprehensive handbook for anyone new to firing or for established ceramicists wishing to experiment with different effects.

Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2014
ISBN: 9781408185247
128 pages
Paperback Imprint: Bloomsbury Visual Arts Series: New Ceramics
246 x 189mm
Illustrations: 120 colour

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