The Handbook of Glaze Recipes by Linda Bloomfield

The Handbook of Glaze Recipes by Linda Bloomfield

The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is an essential studio companion for any potter.

Covering a comprehensive range of glazes including porcelain, crystalline and raku as well as stoneware and earthenware, each recipe is illustrated with a useful test tile to demonstrate the effects of opaque, matte, and transparent glazes on different clays and at varying temperatures, and numbered for ease of reference. 

The book features an introduction to the basics of mixing, applying and adjusting glazes, and correcting typical glaze faults. It also includes many clay body recipes, including a variety of ones for porcelain, wood firing and even Egyptian paste.

Compiled by studio potter and glaze expert Linda Bloomfield, and based not only on on years of meticulously recorded tests, but also researched from a large assortment of established ceramic artists, The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is a must-have resource for any potter wishing to experiment or expand their glazes and clay bodies.

Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2014
ISBN: 9781912217489
144 pages
234 x 156mm
Illustrations: 195 colour

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