The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 59 No 3, November 2020

The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 59 No 3, November 2020




Editor Vicki Grima says: The November issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics Vol 59 No 3 has a FOCUS ON COLOUR with featured artists Greg Daly, Raven Esque, Ted Secombe, Takeawei, David Tucker, Larissa Warren, and many more. We look at colour in woodfiring, crystalline glazes, pots for bonsai, and Australian film archives depicting ceramics. This bumper 160-page issue is full to the brim! As always, we squeeze in as much as we can with fascinating articles from every corner of the country.

Contributors to JAC 593: Katarina Achkar, Denise Allen, Pattie Beerens, Stephen Bird, Anna Boston, Kevin Boyd, Nikolina Brown, Annette Bukovinsky, Robyn Campbell, Donna Condon, Ray Cavill, Greg Daly, Kaz Davis, Chela Edmunds, Raven Esque, Caitlyn Eyre, Cath Fogarty, Tracey Francis, Angus Gardner, Angela Garrick, Anna Gianakis, Kylie Gusset, Martin Halstead, Sharelle Hassing, Claire Hatch, Patsy Hely, Mahala Hill, Bonnie Hislop, Benjamin Ho, Aina Regina Jaugietis, Pat Kennedy, Jann Kesby, Guy Keulemans, Charlotte Le Brocque, Boris Lomov, Montessa Maack, Holly Macdonald, Kendall Manz, Anna Markey, Michael Maroney, Jackie Masters, Stuart McKay, Sebastian Meyer, Jenny Mulcahy, Stephen Naylor, Chester Nealie, Jo Norton, Luke O’Connor, Samantha O’Farrell, Rhonda Ogilvie, Pieces From Eight, Guy Ringwood, Mandie Robertson, Lisa Russell, Ted Secombe, Daniel Skeffington, John Stroomer, Takeawei, Philippa Taylor, David Tucker, Larissa Warren, Cecily Willis, Rory Young and many others on our @ exploring colour pages.

Front Cover: Larissa Warren, test tiles using Tamborine Mountain clays, fired in oxidation and reduction, from cone 6 to cone 10; photos: artist

Published 20 November 2020

Editor: Vicki Grima
Editorial Assistant: Bridie Moran
Graphic Design: Astrid Wehling

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