The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 59 No 2, July 2020

The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 59 No 2, July 2020



Editor Vicki Grima says: In the July issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics, issue 592, we look at CERAMICS KNOWLEDGE – how we acquire it, the places we go to seek it out, and the people who share it with others. We cover the recent collaboration between potter Ben Richardson and architect John Wardle on Bruny Island, and the building of a kiln in this unique landscape. There are articles on Hiroe Swen and a look at silicosis. We also hear from Robyn Phelan, Hester Heuff, and Madeleine Thornton-Smith. As always in our mid-year issue, our Annual Education Survey brings diversity and colour to our pages, showing work by those who have been building their knowledge over the last year or two in tertiary institutions around Australia. As always, we will squeeze in as much as we can about the diversity of Australian ceramics.

Contributors to JAC 592: Ken Adams, Adelaide Potters Club, Arts Law Australia, Kelly Austin, Janet Beckhouse, Stephen Bird, Rhianna Blake, Jessica Bradford, Ciane Brewster, Inge Burgerhoudt, Kristin Burgham, Shellie Christian, Zara Collins, Cone 11 Ceramics, Christine Currie, Ian Currie, Jennifer Danner, Jane du Rand, Deborah Fisher, Kylie Gusset, Margaret Hancock Davis, Hermannsburg Potters, Hester Heuff, Meredith Hinchliffe, Fiona Hiscock, Cindy Gilliland, Nicolette Johnson, Takuro Kuwata, Kim Lyons, Kim Martin, Dominik Mersch, Asuka Mew, Anna Miller-Yeaman, Jeffery Mincham, Damon Moon, Bridie Moran, Sophie Moran, Bruce Nuske, Charmaine Osborne, Meg Patey, Robyn Phelan, Pottery Expo, Celia Pozzecco, Ben Richardson, Ridgeline Pottery, Fran Romano, Bruce Rowe, John Stroomer, Hiroe Swen, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Zoe Tjanavaras, Jo Victoria, Andrea Vinkovic, Valerie Walchek, John Wardle, Nick Weddell, Karen Weiss, Lesley Anne Whitham, Peter Whyte, Dennis Woollam, Rory Young, Cate Zayons and 90 tertiary ceramics students.

Front cover: Fiona Alvarez, Vanitas in Black, 2019, fabric prototypes, casting slip, 850°C, black smoke saggar, tallest, h.27cm, w.19cm, d.8cm; photo: Greg Piper

Published 17 July 2020

Editor: Vicki Grima
Editorial Assistant: Bridie Moran
Graphic Design: Astrid Wehling

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