5 Stones, A Ceramic Journey by Steve Harrison

5 Stones, A Ceramic Journey by Steve Harrison

My sericite travels, the narrow road to the deep white north. A 15 year exploration, 2002 to 2017.

5 Stones details my recent research into single stone porcelain. 18 years ago, I discovered a white porcelain stone near where I live. It made me think about where else porcelain has been discovered and when. Over the years, I have travelled to each of the places in the world where porcelain was originally discovered/invented independently from first principles and found that they all had something in common, and that thing was a stone called ‘sericite’. It turns out that originally, porcelain wasn’t made from the white clay at all. Kaolin wasn’t involved. All the original porcelains were made from a special type of stone called mica.

ISBN 9780646971766
205 pages,
125,000 words,
full colour, soft cover.
Written, collated, printed and bound on the kitchen table.

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